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Welcome To All Things Curriculum!
We welcome you and hope to provide you
with som
e important information.

Curriculog is now importing from the 2020-2021 Draft Catalog 

  This is the access point for submitting EVERY type of curriculum proposal.

Please note - Curriculog proposals must be monitored closely so they can get through the Curriculum process in a timely manner.  Please check that they are getting approved at the various approval steps.


Canvas - University Curriculum Course

For Orientation, Training, Curriculum Policies & Procedures,Tutorial Videos regarding training on Curriculog, and Board of Regent’s information, please access this information through Canvas

Please contact us with any questions, in the following ways:

Email:  curriculum@weber.edu

Phone:  Patti Glover, x6233

Hope you have a Great Year!!

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Listed below are the symbols and colors utilized in Curriculog:

  • = has not made a decision
  • = approved
  • = rejected
  • = held
  • = suspended
  • = cancelled
  • = multiple decisions
  • = task
  • = mine
  • = stuck
  • = urgent, out of date import source